There is nothing like spending time with two people who are passionate about adventure. Since the beginning of their relationship, Courtney and Tom have spent so much of their time camping at different sites and seeing the world together, which made Taylor’s Falls the perfect spot to spend some time running around and celebrating their […]

You’re in for a treat this Friday! This engagement session was something special. It had a way of humbly reminding me of what it is our job as photographers is while capturing moments our brides & grooms have trusted only us with! I sent out this gallery to Whitney & Steven earlier this week and […]

If the first time you meet a bride, she walks in with her arms opened wide, just hug her and never let her go. That was the first sign that Mary was the epitome of what I hoped Whitley B. Brides would look like, but since then I’ve learned that Mary & Brian are so much […]